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Link to Danielle Arnette's Delay the Disease On-Line Class During Building Closure


Link to Danielle Arnette's Chair Yoga Class

Link to Fitness Circuit Class

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Staying in shape is often a big part of maintaining good health as we age.  Even moderate amounts of regular physical activity can help stave off disease and improve overall well-being.  The Scenic Hills Senior Center offers a variety of wellness activities and educational classes.  Please see the most recent issue of the Scenic Hills Senior Center Newsletter for current events.

Are you 60+ years?  Concerned about falling?  Interested in improving balance, flexibility and strength?  Gain Confidence with "A Matter of Balance".   Scenic Hills Senior Center offers this FREE Fall Prevention Class.  The class meets twice/weekly for 4 weeks. Call Scenic Hills Senior Center @ 740-385-6581 for additional information and to register.

187 S. Spring St. Logan OH 43138 us              +1.740 385 6581          email:    Exec. Director   

Link to Danielle Arnett's Fitness Circuit Class

"Good Grief"  A support group for widows.  Gather, Grieve and Support - A place for women to gather together and share meets in the Health & Wellness Room on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ Noon.  Newcomers are welcome.